Delegates to the American Library Association take a tour of Labor and the California African-American Freedom Trail led by John William Templeton.   His three columns in April and  May in The Hill  after participating the Urban Librarians Unite conference helped sway Congressional sentiment towards the eventual restoration of funding for the Institute for Museum and Library Science.  His newest book Our10Plan: State of Black Business was featured during the Hampton Ministers Conference to 10,000 ministers and musicians.   LASoul Shuttle offers daily service in Los Angeles to meet the million black Angelenos. Practice 31 Ways 31 Days by shopping for great books, events and tours on  For the 25th anniversary of Our Roots Run Deep: the Black Experience in California, Vols. 1-4, the 6,000 site California African-American Freedom Trail was presented to the American Historical Association Aug. 5.  Be part of the documentation by joining our quarterly mapping expeditions in December, February and May .  Visits to five casinos are part of the excursion.  Who said history isn't fun?


The only nationwide source to the $6 billion African-American food  industry based on first hand research

Includes top 75 markets for black food spending

The 25 oldest black food businesses in America

Self-guided monthly food tours for 25 major cities

Black wineries and breweries

Black food manufacturers


The most popular way to practice 31 Ways 31 Days during National Black Business Month is to find the best in African-American cuisine, wines, beers and grocery products.  That's why 6,000 visited 60 eateries in Portland last August for Support Black Restaurant Days Aug. 28-29.    BLACK RESTAURANT.NET started the companion Black Food Month in March to spread even more culinary joy leading up to the end of Lent and basketball tournaments.

Say Grace and Wipe Yo' Hands: BLACKRESTAURANT.NET's Guide to America's Black Restaurants is the only tool which gives you dozens of places to find Freedom Food in more than 25 cities, places where BLACKRESTAURANT.NET offers Black Food Tours.  One can start at Harriet Tubman Square and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem or at Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Mall in Los Angeles and find enough great places to eat to last an entire month.

National Black Business Month co-founder John William Templeton connects directly with the owners of the oldest black food businesses in the country, dating back more than a century, and shares their commitment to continuing to convey culture through food.  He uses Freedom Food to capture the great variety of cooking styles which are part of our long rradition.  On the cover, Cynthia Ferrell Sample is the third generation of fine dining specialists to lead Bennie Ferrell Catering, Houston's top event mastermind, keeping a standard first set by the first American caterers, black businesses in Philadelphia around the time of the American Revolution.    Lowell Hawthorne's 100-restaurant chain Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery popularizes Jamaican cuisine in nine states.  Sylvia's iconic Harlem restaurant is the beginning of an empire with entrees in grocery stores around the world.  

FIND YOUR FEAST with us across the country.  Now booking tours for the opening weekend of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington in September. Order Say Grace in time for the summer travel and conference season before the beginning of National Black Business Month in August.